Philips Trimmer and Shaver

Philips is a well-known brand in India and all over the world. It sells different products and grooming sets are one of them. There are basically two types of grooming products available and they are Philips trimmer and Philips shavers. This article is going to briefly explain you about each trimming product available in the market.

There are many online brands like Nova, Panasonic, Veet, HTC and more who are into this trimmers business. Well comparing products from all these brands is out of scope. Here we are going to cover only the Philips shaver kits. Why waste time lets jump quickly into the details.

Philips Trimmer

Philips has developed their trimmers with sharp blades which give a close trimming on your beard. They come with different trimming levels and also with a removable plastic enclosure on the blade which is helpful to avoid cuts on the skin. Before going to see different models, let see how to trim your beard in simple steps.

philips trimmer and shaver

First, you need to keep your beard dry. Trimmers can be used only on dry hair. In case if your beard is wet, use a dryer to make it dry and wait for some time. After that read the instructions carefully on how to use the trimmer. You can find these instructions on the piece of paper inside the trimming box. After that connect the trimming set to the charger and charge it for at least 6 hours. Now you are ready to use the trimmer. Place the equipment on your beard and move it gently to the top to bottom through your beard. Repeat it for at least 3 times for a clean beard.

Trimming leaves small hair foils on your skin. If you want to remove the hair completely then use the shaver. You can use the shaver in both dry and wet mode depending on what model you have purchased. Well, Philips has some good shavers which have both these options.

Philips Shaver Models

The top 5 selling models on various e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon are QT40001/15, QT3310/15, BT7206/15, Aqua touch AT610/14 and AT620/14 shavers. The first three models are trimmers and the other two are shavers. You can buy any of these two depending on your requirement and budget. There is a new model launched by Philips exclusively for women. This is HP6306/00 epilator for women. An epilator is the one used by women to remove hair from the skin and pubic region. This gives a completely smooth shave for the women. Apart from these there are grooming kits like QG3364 available which can be used as both shaver and trimmer.